Thursday, May 5, 2011

In Recent light

With all the news going on right now, I thought I would list some vintage military items in my store.
As important the U.S. Military is, sometimes we need a little reflection. In this case, even recent events can trigger an appreciation for "vintage".
Recently,I picked up a couple of items that I considered interesting or unusual. It's not every day that you see this stuff...... vintage  military leggings, Film and Document Mailer,etc.

My favorite is this Military Film and Document Mailer. I think it could make an interesting way to carry "every day" items (it measures 10x10 so the size makes it easy).

More pictures are available for this item ,as well as others at Go2Vintage. Those three items are all from the Viet Nam era (including the helmet).

 I had no direct contact with that (Viet Nam) when it was going on but I find these items intriguing. Probably because I do remember the many ways it impacted our country and the effects that were felt across the world. That was such an eventful time in our history; And I think it feels eerie that so much of it is familiar but definitely in the considered "vintage".

You can buy this item on my Etsy store.

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